6 Signs You aren’t Living the Life God Created You For

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Do you feel like you’re missing something in your life? You just don’t feel like you’re doing something that matters? I totally get that feeling. In this post, I’m going to dive into six signs you aren’t living the life God created you for and ways that you can fix them. Let’s get started.

We are talking about six signs you aren’t living the life guide created you for and ways to fix them. I just know that the world is asking a lot of questions about who we are, what we are created to do and how to live that out daily.

But I feel like not that many people are answering them from a Christian perspective. And so here we are trying to discover it together. So today’s post is diving into six signs that we aren’t living the life God created us for and ways that we can fix them.

I’m a very applicable person. I like it when there are some action steps and so each one of these signs includes an action step so that you can fix it and try to start living the way God created you to live in that area of your life.

Sign 1: You are dreading life consistently.

If you don’t ever want to go to work, if you don’t feel fulfilled by anything that you do, if you just want to stay home all the time and if you don’t look forward to many things, then you’re probably dreading life consistently. And when you’re dreading life, that means you’re missing something important.

You don’t enjoy work. That probably means you might be doing the wrong thing. You might be in an unhealthy environment that you need to get out of or you might be needing to rely on God more in the situation that he’s put you in and he’s trying to teach you something.

There are so many different aspects of this, so I am not blanketing these signs as, oh, this means that you’re doing something wrong. They’re just different signs that I’ve realized and I’ve asked other people about that show that there’s just something off in either your mental or physical place. If you are dreading life consistently, here are some easy fixes to try to change things up.

The Fix: Try something new

You have to do something different to see if that will make you feel better.

Maybe you would enjoy hanging out with new friends, or try telling your current friends how you feel. Sometimes when we are struggling a lot, we choose to get isolated and push other people away, but when we tell other people how we feel, then we’re inviting them into the process. It gives them a chance to love us well and us a chance to be filled by their love and to feel more just fulfilled in life.

Try a new workout.

If you are bored doing the same thing, try something fresh. If you enjoy working out, of course that is if you enjoy working out, which not everybody does, try a new restaurant or coffee shop. Maybe you enjoy going to the same Chinese restaurant on the corner, but maybe you should try going to that Mexican restaurant and just see if there’s something fresh.

A new little change in perspective can do you good. Try a coffee shop. If you’re like me, you like to go the same place or do the same thing and sit in the exact same chair for a couple of hours then try going to the other coffee shop in town and trying a new cup of something.

Another way that you can fix this is to ask God to give you an opportunity to do something for him. It goes back to what I’ve said before.

If you invite God into the process, he will show up and he can change the dread in the exact same situation to expectation to see what he will do in your life. It is a very, very cool thing.

Sign 2: You are happy, not joyful.

So a lot of people can get these two confused. But as Christians, we are called to be joyful, not happy. Happy is more of a roller coaster emotion. It changes based on your life circumstances. You could be happy one minute and excited about life, and then in the next you’re dreading life and you’re not happy whatsoever because life circumstances changed. Something bad happened or whatever. Happiness can go away so quickly.

Joyfulness is a more consistent feeling. It’s not based on external circumstances, but it’s an internal choice.

Joy is something that’s also contagious. When you feel joyful, even in the midst of suffering or in the midst of life’s struggles or when you can’t pay your bills or when you got fired, or when you’re in any situation where you need to rely on God and his faithfulness and his provision, when you choose that joy in those situations, other people notice.

It’s very much a big sign that says, Hey, I’m different.

The Fix: Get grateful

So if you’re happy and not joyful, the fix for that is to get grateful. So when we sit and look at what we have in life, all of the blessings that we’ve had, our home, our family, a good friend, the way that God’s provided money, the way that you got a new car, all those things, they are blessings in your life that God’s given you and they’re all reasons for you to be joyful.

God is a good, good, good God and he’s a good father and a good friend. And so remembering who he is can also help you choose joy in a situation because he’s the stable rock in your life.

He is your foundation. And when you stand on him and you remember who he is, joy comes easily because you know who’s got your life in the palm of his hands. So if you’re not happy, get grateful.

Sign 3: You don’t feel Special

Have you ever looked around and realizes you don’t seem any different than the world? Sometimes we can get into this place where we just keep going through the motions and have gotten formed by the world a little bit and we just do what other people do and like the photos other people like. We start to look like the photos that other people take on their Instagrams too.

If you don’t feel special, you need to look at a few different things.

Fix 1: Ask Others

The first is to ask others, ask others why they enjoy hanging out with you. Ask them what makes you different than others. Ask them what they’re grateful about your character and why they like hanging out with you.

Fix 2: Ask God

Another fix for this is to ask God to reveal to you why he loves you and what makes you different because he created you. He can show you and help you discover what makes you different than other people and help you lean into those special gifts and talents that you have that sets you apart from the world. Because when we get stuck in the way that we do things and the way that other people do things, then we’re missing out on so much joy and adventure in our lives.

But God wants us to be special and to be different and to be set apart. So if you don’t feel special right now, ask others and ask God to reveal to you why they love you and what makes you different.

signs you aren't living the life God created you for - if you are isolated, go to church

Sign 4: You’re Just Going through the Motions

Don’t get me wrong. Rhythms are really good. I love rhythms. I have rhythms I go through every morning when I get up and I have rhythms when I go to bed. They’re kind of my normal rituals, things I do every day. They’re my pillars that make me feel calm and peaceful while everything else changes. But if you don’t allow for change or life interruptions, then you’re too comfortable.

I know sometimes I can rely too much on my plan. That plan that God changes so often.

I am not talking about the big life plan, but I’m talking about the daily plan, like the, okay, tomorrow I’m going to go to work and then I’m going to go eat lunch with a friend. And then I’ve got Bible study tomorrow night. But if I don’t allow God to interrupt my day and show me what he wants me to do and who he wants me to love, then I’m missing out on so much too.

I’m too comfortable in the way that I see things that I’m not allowing him, who is much bigger and sees many more things than me, to come in and open doors and show me what he wants me to do. So that can block us from living the life God created us to live because we get too comfortable in the way that we’re doing things.

The Fix: Look for Interruptions and Allow them to Happen

So the fix for this sign is to look for interruptions and allow them to happen. When you’re intentionally looking for interruptions, it’s easy to see them. It can be simple. It could be like this girl cutting in front of you at the grocery store when you were in line and you were ready to get going. It could be that you’re supposed to talk to her and love her and pray for her. Sometimes it’s something specific or it could just be that she needed a break and she needed to go in front of you.

Or You could go to work and end up with five extra jobs you weren’t expecting because someone came called in sick and they couldn’t come in and so you got all the extra work. But interruptions in our lives open doors for other things and you never know what’s going to happen. So you have to look for them and you have to allow them to happen with open arms, not push them aside and say, oh that was not in a plan.

Sign 5: You are Isolated in Life

You are isolated in life. This one I definitely understand. When I was in Ukraine it was very, very isolating season. I had friends and people in the church that were close to me and I loved them and adore them, but there’s still that cultural barrier and there wasn’t anybody that was around my age that understood where I was coming from and spoke English fluently. I was in a very, very dark season of isolation and it taught me so much about God and he just opened a lot of things for me and said, hey, this is what I want you to get.

But if you’re not sure if you’re too isolated in life, try answering these questions.

When was the last time someone called, texted or came over because they had a problem and needed a friend to walk through it?

That sounds so odd, but I’ve realized when I’m isolated in life then people don’t come to me because they feel like they’re burdening me or because I pushed them away. But if they call me or text me or they just stop by my house it shows they trust me and desire to have a relationship with me.

So if you don’t have a friend that does that, that could be a sign you’re isolated in life.

Another question to ask is, when was the last time you felt like you were blessed with awesome people in your life?

You looked around and you were like, wow, I have great friends. If you haven’t felt that way or haven’t felt that way in a long time, you’re probably isolated in life.

God has some awesome people in his kingdom and some awesome people he created. So I promise you friends are out there, but sometimes we have to do some work to meet them, trust me, I’m in that season of trying to figure out like post-college, how to make friends and is hard. So I totally get that. But it’s a season that we need to choose to build community in.

And another question ask is, do you often feel a sense of loneliness?

Loneliness can come from different things and it can happen when we’re with people too. But often when we’re with people and we feel lonely, it’s either because we aren’t being open about who we are and what we need and like fully giving ourselves in a relationship, which if you’re looking for a deep relationship, it needs to be a 50/50 relationship or some people say 100/100, I don’t care which way you look at it.

You have to be giving and taking as well as the other person giving and taking or it’s on a double sided relationship. Then someone’s just giving too much and someone’s taking too much. So if you feel a sense of loneliness in a crowd, think about that. But if you feel yourself and you feel lonely and you’re not around that many people, then you’re probably isolated in life.

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Fix 1: Go to Church

So my fix for this is to go to church. That is a great place to find some God loving kingdom, people that will love you well and choose to serve you. Another way is to reach out to people that you already have in your life. So friends of other seasons, friends who live in different states, call them and say, “Hey, I’m really struggling. I need you to pray for me” or “I need you to just hear what I’m struggling with” or “I need your opinion” or “I just need you to listen.”

There are people that are in your life that will do it. I promise you just need to reach out to them.

Fix 2: Let People In

And the last fix is to let people in. If you do not let people in then you cannot build community because you’re blocking them from yourself, you will always keep them at arm’s length and they’ll know. They’ll think “we aren’t that close”. People will recognize that even if they don’t immediately recognize it. They’ll see that you have walls put up and that you push people away.

Sign 6: You haven’t Spent time with God in a While

Sign 6 is you haven’t spent time with God in a while. For us to live the life God created us for, we have to spend time with him. If we aren’t rooted in him, ot hanging out with him, praying, speaking with him, then we’re missing out on the relationship with him.

We’re choosing not to hear him or to be guided by him or to be changed by him. The thing with God is he is always molding us in his image and he is always working us into who he needs us to be for the future.

So if you’re thinking this season of life is really lame, trust me, he’s probably teaching you something very, very important that you are going to need in the future. Even if it doesn’t seem very fun today. Remember that. So if you haven’t spent time with God in awhile, you’re missing out on a very important aspect of abundant life.

The Fix: Spend 15 Minutes with God Today

So the fix for that is to spend 15 minutes with God today, it’s very simple. You could do five minutes, you could do 30 minutes, you could do an hour or you could do 15 minutes. I recommend 15 because it’s a good amount of time and it’s not too much and you can totally work that into your schedule. I promise. If you try, you can do it.

Then I want you to do it again tomorrow, Okay? Then I want you to do it again the next day and stay consistent for as long as it takes to get to know God more.

Because as soon as you understand who God is and how awesome he is and how much he loves you, you’ll desire to spend time with God.

I know it sounds funny and I’m going to do a podcast episode on this in the future because a lot of people have been asking me this recently, how do we desire God? How do I build that in myself? Or how do I read the Bible and not feel like it’s something I have to check off my checklist?

I totally understand those feelings and I’ve been in seasons like that but you don’t have to stay there. It can be something that you work through and move into a passion for knowing more about God and following him with your life.

Once you get passionate, it’s like your blinders come off. And the whole world is an adventure and every day is going to be crazy and, and exciting and fun. And so if you haven’t spent time with God in a while, I suggest you spend 15 minutes with God today.

Not sure where to start?

It can be life changing in the long run even if it seems like you didn’t learn anything or you didn’t grow with him today. It’s something that you have to do consistently to build the passion and to get momentum, I promise. I promise. It is well, well worth it. So that is the fix for number six.