My 6 Year Blogging Journey: How I Discovered my Passion

I’ve been blogging for 6 years and no most of those years I would not be considered a “successful” blogger. That didn’t stop God from using my blog to challenge me, teach me about myself, and grow with Him.

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Here is my complete story of when I started my blog, how it’s changed over the years and how we ended up at Created Mag. I’ve even gotten several jobs because of my blog!

You never know what God will use to teach you about who He created you to be.

Main Points:

Trying new things can open doors to other things. No path is straight. Your first job won’t be your last.

Develop some discipline. Build the muscle. Do it even though you are tired then do it some more.

Stick to something. Practice is the only thing that will make someone great at something

If you are trying to discover the gifts and talents God has put in you, take it seriously and try something new. Push yourself. Do something you have no idea about. Get uncomfortable.

The only way you’ll be able to really discover who God created you to be is put yourself in situations that push you.

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