FREEBIE: For the Girl Looking for God’s Will

I’ve been working on this little pep talk workbook for the last few weeks.

It is for you if:

  • You aren’t sure what God wants you to do next
  • You feel Lost
  • You recently lost dreams and vision for your life
  • You are disappointed in your season of life
  • You want more clarity

If this is you, you are in good company. I get it! I’ve felt lost recently especially after moving back to America from Ukraine but in this 7 day workbook I’ve included truths that God’s been wrecking my life with.

In this episode I’ve read one of the days of the workbook and a few notes. Give it a listen here ?? or keep reading to grab the free workbook now!

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Ready to dive into the free workbook?

HEY! If you are in this season of discovery send me an email and tell me what you thought of the workbook! I want to hear from others in the same season of discovery. I want to hear and learn from you too!

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How I Knew God was Calling Me to Ukraine (Spoiler: I Didn’t)

Is God not giving you a clear answer about what to do? Let’s talk about how I knew God was calling me to be a missionary in Ukraine.

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Sometimes God gives us options and we can choose which direction to take. He doesn’t always clearly ‘call’ us into something, sometimes He just equips us to make wise decisions and wants us to listen for His leading.

In this episode, I share how I moved to Ukraine as a 21 year old girl by myself to serve God. I moved there confidently and I didn’t have a clear calling I just knew it was something I had a passion for and wanted to explore.

Give it a listen to be encouraged and go make that difficult decision!

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10 Surprising Ways to Discover your Passions

I’ve been in a season of trying to discover my God given gifts, abilities and passions and I realize other girls are to. In this episode I am going to share 10 surprising ways you can discover your passions. Some are mental blocks you need to push through and some are challenges but I promise you will walk away with a fresh perspective and motivation to go try something new! Let’s dive in!

  1. Take the pressure off of finding the perfect job/house/hobby/man
  2. Give yourself permission to quit things
  3. Invest in something outside of your comfort zone
  4. Travel to a new city for a fresh perspective
  5. Never let “that’s not possible” flow through your head
  6. Volunteer
  7. Break out of your normal routines
  8. Hang with people who are different than you
  9. Keep a running list of your interests
  10. Keep an open and adventurous spirit

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How I have My Life Together (& How you can Gain Confidence too!)

In this episode I share about how different forms of rejection and life challenges opened my eyes to who God created me to be and how confidence started to come naturally. Here I share a few secrets of how you can gain confidence in your self and in the season of life you are in.

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15 Scriptures to Discover Who God is

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Finding God’s Life for my Will: Book Review

Have you been asking “What’s God’s will for my life?” In this episode I share my thoughts on this book and one question to ask yourself to find more clarity. 

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The book Finding God’s Life for my Will by Mike Donehey. He shares his life story, how he found Jesus and music, and how God has flipped this question around. He challenges us to think differently and stop sitting in fears of not living in God’s will for our lives.

I also share my thoughts on the word purpose and one way God’s challenged me recently. 

If you are in the midst of making a decision and you haven’t felt God’s leading, ask this question.

“What if there is no right or wrong answer?”


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My 6 Year Blogging Journey: How I Discovered my Passion

I’ve been blogging for 6 years and no most of those years I would not be considered a “successful” blogger. That didn’t stop God from using my blog to challenge me, teach me about myself, and grow with Him.

Listen to the podcast episode here!

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Here is my complete story of when I started my blog, how it’s changed over the years and how we ended up at Created Mag. I’ve even gotten several jobs because of my blog!

You never know what God will use to teach you about who He created you to be.

Main Points:

Trying new things can open doors to other things. No path is straight. Your first job won’t be your last.

Develop some discipline. Build the muscle. Do it even though you are tired then do it some more.

Stick to something. Practice is the only thing that will make someone great at something

If you are trying to discover the gifts and talents God has put in you, take it seriously and try something new. Push yourself. Do something you have no idea about. Get uncomfortable.

The only way you’ll be able to really discover who God created you to be is put yourself in situations that push you.

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