10 Surprising Ways to Discover your Passions

I’ve been in a season of trying to discover my God given gifts, abilities and passions and I realize other girls are to. In this episode I am going to share 10 surprising ways you can discover your passions. Some are mental blocks you need to push through and some are challenges but I promise you will walk away with a fresh perspective and motivation to go try something new! Let’s dive in!

  1. Take the pressure off of finding the perfect job/house/hobby/man
  2. Give yourself permission to quit things
  3. Invest in something outside of your comfort zone
  4. Travel to a new city for a fresh perspective
  5. Never let “that’s not possible” flow through your head
  6. Volunteer
  7. Break out of your normal routines
  8. Hang with people who are different than you
  9. Keep a running list of your interests
  10. Keep an open and adventurous spirit

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