10 Podcasts for Christian Women in their 20’s

10 Podcasts for Christian Women in their 20's.

Do you love listening to podcasts too? I have been devouring podcasts. ALL THE TIME. On the way to work, in the shower, while I am cooking, you get it.

I am always looking for amazing podcasts for Christian women in their 20’s since that is me (& probably you!) I love listening to other amazing people share their lives, advice & stories especially when I can walk away with something fresh.

Here I have gathered my top 10 podcasts that I love listening to all the time! They range from Christian podcasts about dreaming, dating, lifestyle, friendship and more!

Let’s dive in!

1. Made For This with Jennie Allen

Have you ever heard of Jennie Allen? She started If: Gathering which is a huge women’s conference that I have watched the last 3 years. She is so inspiring and I love her new podcast. Right now she is focusing on how we are made for relationships and how to build those healthily in our lives.

Episode I love: 02 – When making friends is difficult with Kate Allen

This is an interview with her daughter and I literally cried. Go listen.

2. The She Podcast

You’ve probably already heard about this top charts podcast. Jordan Lee Dooley has been killing it lately and I love listening to this lifestyle podcast. All Christian girls listen up!

Episode I love: Practical ways to support your passions

3. Living Created with Ashley Jo

I couldn’t not mention mine! Living created is a lifestyle podcast here to help you discover why God created you and how to live it out. We dive into different topics like purpose, passions, money, and more!

Episode I love: 03: Hey Future Hubby

4. The Heart of Dating

This is a recent discovery for me and I have been enjoying this dating podcast! Whether you are single or in a relationship you can step away with awesome truths and advice. I recently listened to the episode with Arielle Estoria and had to sit in all the truth dropped.

Episode I love: 051: How to balance the feminine and masculine with Arielle Estoria

5. Go and Tell Gals with Jess Connolly

Jess is my girl. One day I’ll meet her and totally fan girl. She is who I want to be when I grow up. She always brings down the truth in a fresh way and I love listening to her interview other amazing women on this podcast.

Episode I love: Episode 44: Hannah Brencher

6. The Radiant Podcast with Kelsey Chapman

I know I have some girls reading this who love business and creative works. Kelsey interviews a ton of awesome people who all dish out secrets to their successes. You’ll fall in love with her energy and spirit.

Episode I love: #95 Stephanie May Wilson

7. That Sounds Fun with Annie F Downs

This girl in the OG of Christian podcasts. She started this years ago and has so much amazing content! I absolutely love her style and spontanious spirit. She just brings a lot of fun into every conversation and dives deep in so many ways.

Episode I love: The summer enneagram series! (I am a 9, so that episode was my fav)

8. The Next Right Thing

This podcast always seems to calm me. It’s probably Emily’s voice and her messaging but I always seem to feel a little more at peace about where I am in life. This podcast dives into the answer to the commonly asked question “What do I do now?” We all need some decision making help.

Episode I love: 87: Create space

9. Dream Big Podcast

I didn’t even know Bob Goff had a podcast until recently. If you love his spontaneous love focused life, you’ll love his interviews. He just adds a lot of fun to your playlist and will leave you inspired.

Episode I love: 012 with Ben Higgins

10. Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson

Stephanie May Wilson is the go-to girl for advice for 20 & 30 year olds. She always has amazing conversations and gives awesome advice for Christian girls. She also has a ton of guests that bring amazing perspectives to the table.

Episode I love: #64 How to find God in the wilderness

That is it! Those are all my top podcasts for Christian women in their 20’s! Did I miss your favorite? Let me know below!