What to Do when you Don’t Know what to Do

If you aren’t sure what God is asking you to do today, this episode is for you. You aren’t alone and today we are going to talk about different ways God has been telling me to be faithful and to encourage you to be faithful too. Let’s get started!

This past week I shared a challenge on my instagram page. I want to personally be looking for ways God is leading me in the day to day and I wanted to challenge others to do the same.

So I titled it Take a Step Tuesday. When I shared this the first question I was asked made me stop and think. I want to share what I’ve learned about this topic!

How do you take a step when you may not be clear on what God is asking you to do?

That hit home.

I am in the same boat.

I’ve been looking for the perfect job, the perfect clear path, and the ideal situation. I’ve been searching for that clear step I realized what I was missing.

In this episode, I share several mind shift changes so you can stop sitting in fear and frustration. You can be confident in the unknown.

I don’t have all the answers but I can share a few things God has been reminding me of.

  • It’s not about knowing the right thing to do.

It’s about trusting God is who He says He is
It’s about trusting You are who He says you are.
It’s about accepting the fact that you aren’t what you do.

  • God doesn’t care so much what you do for Him, He cares who you are. He cares about the state of your heart.
  • If you can’t find joy in the midst of the unknown, you probably won’t be able to find joy in the known.
  • God cares more about you seeking Him than you seeking a perfect job.
  • If He hasn’t made something clear yet, there is a reason.
  • Take a step Tuesday isn’t about finding that big perfect step towards your dreams. It can be simple and small. It can be loving that one co-worker well. It can be not overspending on Amazon this month. It can be choosing to spend more time trusting God and His process than dwelling on it.